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Technical Visualization and XR Solutions to achieve your full potential.

We are Elomatic visualization services, ViSU. We offer visual solutions to enterprises with complex products and services. Our solutions will bring your vision into reality.


Technical visualization solutions to support your whole process,
from planning to maintenance.

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Site Safety


Optimize your site safety. Introduce your site efficiently and risk-free to new employees and visitors. Interact with your site and equipment remotely. Simulate hazard situations, make mistakes and learn in your virtual site, all this while ensuring your the safety of your production and personnel.


Who said you can have it all?

Actually, we did! ViSU is powered by Elomatic – a leading consulting and engineering enterprise with a workforce of over 1000 talented engineers and experts. This gives you the access to a partnership with broad technical expertise and innovative solutions.

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Jani Moisala
Head of ViSU Services
+358 50 381 8181

Jukka Timonen
Creative Producer
+358 40 185 1530

Lasse Raakavuori
Creative Producer
+358 40 596 7705

Matteo Onofri
Creative Producer
+358 44 282 6327

Niko Ihalainen
Project Manager
+358 44 753 6943

Ville Lahtinen
Creative Producer
+358 50 329 4562

Felipe Madiedo
Application Developer

Mika Makkonen
Application Developer

Anne Koivumäki
Art Designer

Maija Minkkinen
Art Designer

Jaakko Kaartinen
Photogrammetry Specialist

Sanni Marttinen
HMI & UX Designer

Manako Takahari-Peiponen
HMI & UX Designer

Katri Kuisti
HMI & UX Designer

Matti Vehniäinen
Web Developer

Jonah Ahvonen
Senior Devops Engineer

Mikko Pakkanen
Web Developer

Pekka Koivukunnas
Innovation Specialist

Jani Maahi
Scanning Specialist

Olli Weijo
Scanning Specialist


Kangasvuorentie 10,40320 Jyväskylä, Finland

Hatanpäänkatu 1A, 33900 Tampere, Finland

Itäinen Rantakatu 72,20810 Turku, Finland

Phone: +358 50 381 8181, Email:, Web:

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