Site Safety

Site Safety is tailored for industrial companies with complex production and extremely valuable products. The goal is to give the best possible lifecycle to your site and equipment, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

How does Site Safety helps?

• Securing the health and safety of workers and visitors
• Achieving higher productivity by providing a safe and secure environment
• Managing issues arising from chemicals and hazardous materials used in workplaces
• Reducing additional costs by eliminating potential hazards and incidents
• Training new employees effectively
• Remote learning and functional communication
• Agile problem-solving of site issues

Content options

Our technology and technical understanding can create a safety video for both your current or future plant! We can also create an interactive version of your site based on your needs. The content reflects the safety instructions documentation in use at the workplace. The safety instructions documentation will be the initial material for the production of the video.

Choose from two options SAFETY VIDEO and SAFETY INTERACTIVE:


Video using a physically filmed video material of your plant and safety procedures.

If filming is not possible, a computer generated (CG) realistic 3D animation is used to create your site!

The video can be created with a mixture of real and CG footage.


Site safety interactive is an immersive version of your safety content. To test your site and simulate possible danger scenarios for prevention.

Material is turned into an interactive application or a VR experience. Users can interact with the content and real-time changes can be made.

Media options:

SAFETY VIDEO can be turned into an interactive version based on media choices: 3D full HD and 4k video can be adapted into a desktop or mobile application to test the learning process, and 360 videos can be converted into a VR experience useful for training personnel (Katana VR-training Tool).

The content can be filmed in full HD or 4k or in 360 degree 5.2k.


Full HD or 4k video:
Starting at 70 hours
at a rate of 90 €/hour VAT 0


360-degree video:
Starting at 85 hours
at a rate of 90 €/hour VAT 0

Prices are officially quoted after receiving the Client Safety instruction documentation used to quantify the amount of filming requested. Prices do not include actors (750–1500 €/actor), voice over actors (600–1000 €/actor), travel costs.

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