-Better user experience

Design aims to achieve the best possible user experience, whether it is a digital or physical product. A good user experience creates added value and is the key to a successful product.



The purpose of User Experience design is to identify and solve problem areas and to make the use of a product or service as easy, understandable and pleasant as possible.


User Interface Design defines all the functions, elements and user interface structure required by users.

In ViSU’s UX&UI service, the user is always the king (or queen). Planning begins with a preliminary study, which ensures a concrete basis for the solutions. When design solutions are based on researched information, it enables the best interaction between the product and the user.

Usability is successful when you don’t notice it!

– everything simply works exactly as it should.

Easy to use

Learning to use is effortless and the user interface guides the user.


The number of errors and damages is reduced.


Extra steps and transitions will be eliminated, measures will support the achievement of the goal.


The user is not frustrated, the layout is clear and unambiguous.

Without blemish

The operation of the system corresponds to the mental models of the user.

Desired image

Supports the company’s brand goals.


The visuals and elements of the interface are aligned and consistent throughout.


It is in line with the company’s graphic line, applied to the latest technologies.


  • Preliminary study

  • Usability evaluation

  • Usability testing

  • Usability study

  • Mock-up mind testing

  • Visual style, elements and their positioning

  • Digital prototype

  • Design of functional elements

  • Graphic instructions


  • Virtual user interfaces (VR,AR,MR)

  • HMI user interfaces (devices and mobile machines)

  • Tools and machines

  • Desktop screens and portable devices

  • Software and web applications

  • Process interfaces (plants and control rooms)

  • Factory space, production lines and control rooms

  • Public spaces

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