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Support your marketing and introduce your products with 3D visualization and XR solutions.


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Jani Moisala
Head of ViSU Services
+358 50 381 8181

Jukka Timonen
Creative Producer
+358 40 185 1530

Lasse Raakavuori
Art Designer
+358 40 596 7705

Matteo Onofri
Creative Producer
+358 44 282 6327

Niko Ihalainen
Project Manager
+358 44 753 6943

Ville Lahtinen
Creative Producer
+358 50 329 4562

Felipe Madiedo
Application Developer

Mika Makkonen
Application Developer

Anne Koivumäki
Art Designer

Maija Minkkinen
Art Designer

Sanni Marttinen
HMI & UX Designer

Jaakko Kaartinen
Photogrammetry Specialist

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